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IMS Innovation & Measurement Systems is a French company created in 2011 developing, producing and commercializing integrated measurement solutions for detection, localization and radionuclides identification in natural and industrial environments.

Instruments designed and produced by IMS are Smart Geiger-Müller Gamma-ray Probes and Spectrometers based on Nal(Tl), BGO or CdZnTe crystals. These technologies were transferred from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

IMS offers a range of solutions which include miniature detectors, electronic interfaces and communication protocols which guarantee the functional durability of a given solution especially design according to a customer need and adaptable to their existing systems already in place.

Stakes are related to issues in the radioprotection field (medical staff, researchers or first responders) but also Homeland Security (HS), nuclear Waste Management (WM), nuclear plants dismantling and CBRNe (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear & Explosive) matters focusing on RN threats.

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