Unmanned Vehicles

Description / Applications

The implementation of measurement solutions is handy. It is used for a wide range of applications:
- Fast intervention in case of RN threat
- CBRNe recognition
- Autonomous mapping of collected data
- Homeland security, HS
- Nuclear Power Plants, NPPs
Remoted solutions are an efficient way to reduce dose received by staff.

Dose-rate in real-time

Detection of X and Gamma-rays.

IMS Smart Gamma Probe (SGP) and Micro-sized Gamma-ray Spectrometer (MGS) can easily be embedded onto robots (UGVs) and drones (UAVs) for blind detection and localization of a radioactive threat over an unknown terrain through dose-rate real-time, prompt correlation with mapping GPS data.

Indoor monitoring and data mapping

Indoor mapping solutions are also offered and very efficient for indoor monitoring and radioactivity data mapping.

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